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K&H 96-Ounce Thermal-Bowl

Allows Your Dog Access To Drinkable Water Outside
All Winter Long

K&H 96-Ounce Thermal-Bowl

This heated bowl keeps your dog's (or cat's) outdoor water bowl free from ice all fall, winter, and spring down to temperatures to 20° below zero Fahrenheit. Uses less electricity than a 30-watt light bulb. The electronics are safely sealed inside the bowl, and the cord is steel wrapped to ensure your pet's safety. UL approved in both the US and Canada.

Customer Quotes:

"Didn't seem to up my electric bill..."

"...the bowl is large, so it scares away burglars, who think I have a really big dog!"

"The bowl itself does not get hot, but warm enough to keep the water from freezing. The cable also has a metal "spring" surrounding it as an anti-chew device."

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