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KONG Swizzle Bird Cat Toy

Will awaken the inner hunter in even the sleepiest feline couch potato

KONG Swizzle Bird Cat Toy

A long, fuzzy plush tail connects with a real feather attachment you can make twitch, dart, and fly using the flexible wand. Each swizzle bird is crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, and there are no small metal, string, or elastic parts that can come loose during play and pose a choking hazard. A patent-pending tabbed design lets you replace the feather attachment when the original gets too tattered (replacements sold separately). The plush tail and feather "bird" together measure approximately 35 inches long, while the handle extends another 17 inches.

Customer Quotes:

"Excellent toy for cats of all ages that will last a lifetime!"

"The length of the string creates a serpentine movement while the feather provides a target. The string part is plush enough that the cats can grasp and attack it, like they are catching a snake."

"This teaser pole with the long furry line with velcro attached feather lure is just a wonderful exciting toy for you and your cat."

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