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Vizsla Calendar

Petprints Vizsla Calendar
Vizsla Calendar

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2013 calendars featuring Vizslas A Vizsla Calendar from Pet Prints is the perfect gift for any Vizsla lover. These big, beautiful 12 x 12 inch, 16 month Vizsla Calendars start in September 2012 and feature full-color photos of a different dog representing each month of 2013.

These Vizsla Calendars display photos of show quality dogs in mostly outdoor settings, and are perfect for framing. They capture the true spirit and character of the loving Vizsla.

What better way to spend 2013 than with your favorite breed? Schatzi believes this is one of the best Vizsla Calendars available and it makes a great gift! For more information or to purchase, just click on the "Pricing/Purchase/More Info" link below...

2013 Vizsla Calendar
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